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LaShawn was born and raised in Chicago IL, where she launched her first business as a “Spiritual Life Coach”. She relocated and also launched her business in Louisville Kentucky. LaShawn is currently a Life Coach and President of Bread of Life Inc since March 2019. LaShawn was called to start her own ministry December 2017 where she is also the founder of Empowered By God Ministry Int'l. She had to quit her job for a year by faith, starting something she had never done before. September 9, 2018 EBG Ministry Int'l was launched at Beverly Hills Banquet Hall where LaShawn was company by her mom, step father, spiritual daughters, sisters and family and friends supported her new beginnings.

Spiritual mother Prophetess Michelle Joseph gave her recognition and right hand fellowship as she was solemnly and publicly set apart and ordained to the work of the gospel ministry to operate as a Minister and Prophetess in the name church and network of Pillars Prophetic International Ministries Inc. LaShawn gradually accepted her assignment with humbleness and meekness. After the next 6 months God shown LaShawn through mentoring and counseling women in her marriage group "Fight with Fire Marriage Group" that her gift was to counsel, mentor and as a advisor and advocate for the broken-hearted and wounded prophetically. The second she seen a video of her former business and relationship coach Villa video. She immediately took the course to become a certified Life Coach.

A few weeks after she received her license she registered her 1st business Bread of Life Inc. LaShawn spoke about her business on National Broadcasting Fm Radio where it reached thousands. One thing she mentioned about her business that stands out from other Life Coaches is she prophetically counsel, coach and advising her clients through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a gift she was born with.

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