Prisoner to the Bed: Out of Darkness into the Marvelous Light Kindle Edition

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This book was intended to heal the broken hearted and help guide the young and elder into hope that experienced sex trafficking. My prayers is that they may know that there is someone out there that cares for them and will bring justice for what happened to them but also repay them by giving them beauty for their ashes. This book is about 'me' growing up in the streets of Chicago bound to the bed from a young girl up onto a grown woman. Wounds that deeply scarred me and led up to ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder), prostitution, stripping, failure as a mother, controlled by sex from childhood, drugs and abuse. Out of all I experienced in 20 years found God. The God many say ain't real and I found Jesus the one many say isn't true. In this book there is pure evidence that nothing you face or go through God can't handle or fix and Jesus will be with you as you believe. My desire is that you will never have to bury that pain or hide those scars because there is beauty after that pain and God has a plan to give you "New Birth" in Christ Jesus.

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